No doubt the more vigilant and tech-savvy young generation has a lot of influence on the world. It is true they have the potential to build or break the future. These young adults who are in their 20s are always looking for innovation and expressing themselves via their creative minds. They express themselves in their art, their songs, and also by their fashion. Nowadays the casual yet luxe look is more in trend with these young people, stylishly regarded as Millennials.

When it comes to the Chinese market, globally renowned lux brands like Gucci, Armani, Prada, Louis Vuitton, and many more, are quite popular. The establishment of quality and handcraftsmanship in the brands speaks for itself. In China, these high-end elite brands are easily afforded by rich millennials who don’t mind splurging cash on top-notch clothing and accessories.

There are brands like Adidas, Nike, Supreme, and many more such brands, which carter for the casual-luxurious look enjoyed and sported a lot by the youngsters. These brands focus on young adults and college-going students, people between the ages of 16 and 36 who can afford to buy their clothing items and influence others through their social media platforms. The millennials are more open-minded and believe in expressing themselves via their clothing and accessories. They have their own fashion trend called street fashion which encourages customization and indulging in expression via the clothes. You can dress up as casually as possible or can be as avant-garde as you like depending on your comfort level and fashion statement.

Based on the likes and popularity of Chinese clothing lines and brands among the millennials, you can differentiate them into a few categories.

The Luxurious high-end fashion: Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Prada

You can very profoundly see how much Louis Vuitton clothing and bags are loved and cherished among the millennials. The red sole of the sky-high LV stilettoes is a big fashion statement in itself. The red bottoms are not only eye-catchy and add more beauty to the already gorgeous pumps. The VL logo and their prints are already very distinct and make their products a big attention seeker.

Gucci is another chic elite brand loved by the crowds. The millennials and the high earners don’t shy away from showing off their wealth by spending thousands of Yuan on expensive Gucci and Prada.

These brands have launched their own e-commerce site in China to make the shopping experience better and much easier. Brands like Hermes are also popular in China and are planning to do the same. This strategy helps in increasing the sales of the products.

A casual sporty look: Supreme, Nike, and Adidas

After the airing of the TV show ‘The Rap of China”, the hip-hop culture and hip-hop fashion got an extra boost due to the mass exposure of their clothing style worn by the artist, contestants, and even the judges. Supreme, a New York-based American clothing line sponsored the TV show and got huge publicity. The contestants and even the judge Kris WU were often spotted wearing a supreme t-shirt which the distinct logo of the brand printed on them. This caused a great surge in the brand’s selling and also became a crowd-craze among the millennials. It was found that many people would even pay double or even thrice the amount for authentic Supreme clothing pieces and other products.

Nike and Adidas clothing articles are also very popular among youngsters. Nike shoes and Adidas shoes are fashion statements and a must in the wardrobe collection of a millennial. Although these are global brands, they have made their place in the Chinese clothing market.

These brands usually showcase very casual yet stylish clothing items. These are so loved and popular because they are versatile and can be customized easily with other clothing items and can be paired easily.

The Chinese designers’ brands: Particle Fever, Angel Chen, Fake Natoo

The clothing lines by the Chinese designer are also not far back in terms of popularity among the millennials. These Chinese clothing lines not only depict modernism but also carry the traditional touch in their designs. The prints and cuts might be catering to attract the youngsters but the overall feel of the clothing items makes the whole piece a beautiful art. Brands like Fake Natoo are loved and sported by working-class women who enjoy the formal look with a twist of creativeness.

The chic trendy fashion stop: Zara, Forever 21

Zara and Forever 21 are one of the more popular brands among girls. These brands bring the best trends to you and their styling and fashion displays are majorly setups to influence the millennials. They have endless options for both girls and guys.

Local Chinese brand

Many more Chinese clothing lines and brands are coming forward in China. The multimedia boost to hip-hop culture and fashion trends is causing more and more attraction of youngsters and hence causes promotion of these brands to establish themselves.

We all know about the existence of counterfeit production and clothes. Unfortunately, China is notorious for its counterfeit market where cheap copies of branded clothes and accessories are sold. By buying a counterfeit copy or even a fake copy of the branded item we not only withdraw the support to the designer and disrespect the design and art behind the creation of the item. You can easily find cheap copies of Supreme t-shirts with just one variation of the absence of ‘NYC’ below the printed word ‘Supreme’ which can be used to identify between the fake and real product.

You can easily make out the fake products by their built quality. The expansiveness of the elite-class brand’s bag is because of the hard work the artisan puts in and the close details which are taken care of by the craftsmen. You can easily differentiate the bags by looking at the small details of finishing, the zipper, the lining of the bag, finishing off the buttons or any other accessories, etc.

It is very important to know and be aware of the fake copies of the product so that you don’t get cheated by any seller. Trend,Millennial
No doubt the more vigilant and tech-savvy young generation has a lot of influence on the world. It is true they have the potential to build or break the future. These young adults who are in their 20s are always looking for innovation and expressing themselves via their creative...