revival and modernization of ancient chinese clothing

The Revival and Modernization of Ancient Chinese Clothing

Traditional Ancient Chinese clothing or "Hanfu" had been seen wear by youth around Beijing and Guangzhou, China. The revival and modernization of ancient Chinese clothing is a small trend happening in China region. Started as an experiment by students from the university had become a follow-up fashion trend by today youth, although the number of participants is minimal, you could… Continue »
gothic oriental cheongsam modern step for traditional clothing

Gothic Oriental Cheongsam – Modern Step for Traditional Clothing

Cheongsam had been the clothing or attire for the Chinese for important occasions such as formal events or lunar new year. However, the design style of cheongsam more focused on traditional styling, a clear cut pattern with embroidering symbols such as flowers, dragon, or phoenix. 3/4-Sleeve Lace Panel Cheongsam Style Dress 3/4-Sleeve Floral Cheongsam Malaysian fashion designer Ho Kok Loong,… Continue »

The Fashion Trend Of Chinese Clothing Throughout History

Chinese Clothing has changed a lot over the years. It has gone from the elegant Chinese dresses and ornate outfits worn throughout the centuries to the more modern approach of Chinese fashion you see today. The history of Chinese clothing is steeped in the imperialistic background of the country. The different methods of dress depended on a person’s station in… Continue »

Celebrities in Chinese Qipao

Celebrities always catch the eye of the public. What clothing do they wear? which brand accessories are they wearing? what shoes do they love? etc usually end up in fashion blog discussions and viral on Twitter or Facebook. This is the reason why top fashion designers are willing to let celebrities wear their clothing designs free of charge. It's one… Continue »

Traditional Cheongsam Qipao Dress For Women

Chinese Cheongsam and also known as Qipao is the traditional Chinese dress worn by Chinese women nowadays, especially during special occasions such as Chinese New Year, weddings, traditional family gatherings, etc. This type of Chinese clothing was introduced into China during the Qing Dynasty. By that time, all the Manchu women have commonly worn this type of one-piece dress, which… Continue »