Wow! It is so hot. Now many women are big fans of sexy dudou. Dudou is a kind of Chinese-style upper garment with ribbons tied behind the back, leaving the arms and back uncovered. Made of fine brocade with butterfly and plum blossom patterns, this elegant halter is especially accentuating the figures of women. In China, the romance of butterflies is well-known, telling a beautiful girl and a handsome boy, who are deeply in love, turn into butterflies flying into the sky. Plum blossom is the symbol of noble mind, so it is always one of the favorite subjects for Chinese art and literature. You wii see that the halter is designed in a pitch arc. The length of halter is above the hip and two white silk ribbons are tied across the back. White binding is going well with elegant halter. Be creative with accessories. Be fabulous always. At a big party, you are in the white elegant halter with a long skirt, matching with a Fendi purse and Jimmy Choo shoes, you will be a dazzling star. Or after work, in a pub, you are in the fabulous dudou with a cool wide wristband, matching with any jeans, dancing with rock and roll music, chatting with your friends, you will spend a pleasant night.Plum blossom and butterfly pattern.Backless.Fabric:Brocade.Washing Instruction: Dry clean.Color available:White/Green.Preparation Time: 2-3 working days

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