The tiger is the ruler of the mountains and the king of the beasts. Its character is often associated with such ideas as courage, might, life, and vitality. There are many customs with reference to the tiger. Even today, in China, if a son is born, the aged family member of the family will put him in a tiger-head hat and tiger-head shoes. The boy will play with cloth tigers and sleep on a tiger-head pillow; all in hopes that the child will grow up healthy. Made of fine brocade, designed in a tiger-head pattern, this hat is prevalent in China. Red binding is decorated on the edges of the tiger-head hat. Two red ribbons are sewn on the hat, you may fasten the ribbons according to the size of your child. You will see that a tiger tail and flower-shaped ornaments are made on the back side. The tiger-head hat is tailored with red thin wadded lining, so your child will be warm and comfortable in it. According to Chinese astrology, the tiger represents February: a time when spring’s new buds emerge from the branches of trees. It is for the reason that people believe the tiger is a symbol of a beautiful life, heroic character, and magnificent manner. People who are born in the year of the Tiger are very optimistic: even when things do not go their way; it never weighs on their hearts. They always maintain the belief that the sun will surely rise. They possess great courage and they are able to overcome difficulties with smiles on their face.Tiger pattern Material: Brocade and wadded lining Perimeter: 20″ Preparation time:2-3 working days

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