A piece of work of art! In China, it is believed that red can get rid of bad luck, and the Chinese love wearing red dress on any happy occasion, wishing to bring good luck and happiness. This red coat is an outer garment with long sleeves and mandarin collar, covering the body down to the thighs. Made of fine silk brocade with gold-colored hand-embroidered dragon and Xiangyun patterns, this fantastic coat has a high decorative and artistic value. In Chinese culture, dragon is the symbol of great wealth and imperial power, and only the emperors are entitled to be in the dress with dragon patterns. Xiangyun in Chinese means that the clouds will bring people good luck and Xiangyun pattern is widely used in Chinese art and handicraft. You will see that some handmade frog buttons are fastened on the front side. Both sides are made with slits toward the waist, and the red silk brocade coat is tailored with full lining, so you will be comfortable in it. Be creative with accessories! Be fabulous always! On some happy festival, if you are in the red hand-embroidered coat with your favorite black pant, matching with a Chanel purse and Jimmy Choo shoes, you will be a dazzling and graceful star. Or you may choose the exquisite embroidery work as a wall decoration, and you house will present a new and unique look. Totally handmade by Chinese folk artistRed fabric embroidered with flying golden dragon patternFrog button closure.Mandarin collarLong sleevesFull liningBust: 48″3/4 Total Length: 32″3/4Preparation time:2-3 working days.

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