Wow! How fantastic the halter is! Now many women are big fans of hot red halter. In China, it is believed that red can get rid of bad luck, so the Chinese love wearing red dress on any happy occasions, wishing to bring good luck and happiness. Our creative has perfectly applied hot red into halter design. Halter is a kind of upper garment, leaving the arms and back uncovered. Made of fine silk brocade with round peony patterns, this halter has a high decorative and artistic value. In Chinese culture, peony is the queen of flowers, so it is the symbol of great wealth and high rank, and only the women with blue blood are entitled to be in the dress with peony patterns. Mandarin collar is fastened with three handmade frog buttons. An invisible zipper is on the back side and red binding is going well with hot red halter. You will see that the length of halter is above the hip. Be creative with your accessories. Be fabulous always! At a big party, you are in the hot red halter with a long skirt, matching with a Chanel purse and Gucci shoes, dancing and drinking gracefully, you will be a dazzling star. Or you may choose any jeans with the hot red halter. On a sunny afternoon, in a beautiful park, you and your friends, walking and talking, enjoying the warm sunshine, you will make your life pleasant and enjoyable. Round peony pattern.Mandarin collarSleeveless.BacklessFrog buttonRed pipingInvisible back zipper.Fabric: Silk brocadeColor available: RedPreparation Time: 2-3 working days

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