Have you ever thought of being a romantic winter beauty in Chinese-style dress? Compared with thick downcoat, this fuchsia coat will make you in an elegant and sparkling look. Now Chinese-style dress is in vogue, and many women are big fans of Chinese fashion. This noble fuchsia cotton-padded coat is an outer garment with long sleeves and mandarin collar, covering the body down to the knees. Made of fine and comfortable linen, fastened at the front side with 20 handmade frog buttons, this fuchsia coat is especially accentuating the elegance and charm of women. Each one painstakingly hand made, sewn into the dress 1 by 1, our poor tailor cries towards the sky whenever we request them to make this piece. It takes up one whole day and night, just for the buttons themselves! Fuchsia coat with bottle green handmade frog buttons are very classic and elegant. You will see that the front side is designed in a distinctive style, with a long square front edge on the center. Bottle green trimmings are decorated on the front side and both wide artificial fur fold-back cuffs are going well with the brown hem. The fuchsia coat is tailored with full wadded lining, so you will be warm and comfortable in it. This piece of apparel is fantastically awesome! There’s so many ways of wearing, and matching the fashion. And it’s really up to your imagination, and creativity! Be fabulous always! You are in the noble fuchsia coat with a Levis jean, wearing fashionable Chanel boots, walking and playing with your friends in a park on a snowy day, sort of like a beautiful blooming flower in the snow. How romantic!! How Sweet!! Mandarin collar Handmade frog buttons Long sleeves Knee length Bottle green trimmings Brown fold-back cuffs Artificial fur hem and cuffs Cotton-padded lining Fabric: Linen Washing Instruction: Dry clean. Color available: Fuchsia and brown Preparation Time: 2-3 working days

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