Be a charming and mysterious woman for your dating. The purple blouse is an outer garment with long sleeves, with the right side over left side, covering the body down to the hip. The blouse is made of chiffon; while the collar and both cuffs are made of brocade with peony pattern. In chinese culture, peony is the queen of flowers, so it is the symbol of great wealth and high rank, and only the women with blue blood are entitled to wear the dress with peony patterns. V-neck collar design makes women who are dressed in the blouse charming, attractive and gorgeous. Picture a vivid scene in your mind. When you are invited to have dinner with someone special, the purple blouse will make the atmosphere more romantic.V-neck collar.Long Sleeves.Brocade collar and cuff.Peony pattern.Fabric:Chiffon.Washing Instruction: Dry clean.Color available:Purple.Preparation Time: 2-3 working days

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