A masterpiece from Good Orient!!! Since last year, I had dreamed of being dressed in the gorgeous coat. Be figure-fitting, be elegant with the coat! I love wearing the coat with my favorite Levis jean, matching with fashionable Chanel boots, walking back and forth in the hall, my energetic life will survive in the skyscraper. On the new year, why not choose an elegant coat for yourself? Chinese-style dress is well-known for the unique design and exquisite fabric, so many women are big fans of Chinese fashion. This magnificent red coat is an outer garment with long sleeves and mandarin collar, covering the body down to the hip. Made of fine micro suede, hand embroidered exquisitely with a pretty blooming peony, this red coat is especially accentuating the figures and charms of women. In Chinese culture, it is believed that red can get rid of bad luck. Peony is the queen of flowers, so it is the symbol of great wealth and high rank, and only the women with blue blood are entitled to be in the dress with peony patterns. You will see that the gorgeous coat is designed in an asymmetric style, with the right side over left side, fastened at the front with 8 handmade frog buttons. Each one is painstakingly hand made, sewn into the dress 1 by 1, and it takes the tailor about a work day to finish this piece. The red coat is tailored with full cotton-padded lining, so you will be warm and comfortable in it.Be fabulous! Be well-dressed! The short coat, matching with a long skirt, is fully showing the gentle behaviors and slim shapes of ladies, without thickness and old-fashion of formerly Chinese-style coat. If you are in the elegant and classic short coat with a Levis jean, matching with a Fendi handbag and Gucci shoes, you will look like a water town lady, beautifully, sweetly. Be creative! A glamorous bohemian long skirt is a good choice to match the elegant red short coat. On New Year’s party, you are in the awesome short coat with your favorite bohemian skirt, wearing fantastic Chanel boots, dancing with someone special, celebrating the new year, you will spend a romantic and pleasant time. Mandarin collar Handmade frog buttons Embroidered peony pattern Long sleeves Fabric: Micro Suede Full cotton-padded lining Washing Instruction: Dry clean. Color available: Red Preparation Time: 2-3 working days

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