Wow! How fantastic! In some movies about Old Shanghai, the pretty actress is dressed in the elegant cheongsam, walking gracefully in the garden or alley. These beautiful scenes have made deep impressions on many ladies. Cheongsam, also known as qipao or mandarin gown, is well-known for its elegance and beauty, so it is highly popular for women either on casual or formal occasions. Now cheongsam is in vogue, then surely many women go crazy about Chinese fashion. This fantastic cheongsam is an outer garment with short sleeves and mandarin collar, covering the body from shoulder to mid-calf. Made of soft and comfortable cotton, patterned with fuchsia blooming roses, this gorgeous cheongsam is especially accentuating the figures and charms of ladies. Rose is the symbol of sweet love, so it is always the favorite flower of women. Every woman has dreamed of beautiful roses, romantic love, wedding gown, and handsome prince from childhood. You will see that the cheongsam is designed in an asymmetric style, with the left side over right side, fastened with 7 handmade frog buttons from mandarin collar to the right side. Each frog button is painstakingly hand made and sewn one by one by the tailor, and it takes about a work day to finish this piece. Both sides are made with slits toward the thighs and fuchsia brocade trimmings with white binding are decorated on the cheongsam. Be creative with accessories! Be well-dressed always! When in college, a girl in my dormitory takes an ordinary cotton cloth to make a simple but elegant cheongsam. In my vivid memory, the cheongsam is designed elegantly and classically, sort of like a blooming orchid. On a sunny afternoon, in the front porch or backyard of your house, you are dressed in the magnificent cheongsam, having a cup of tea, chatting with your friends, enjoying the warm sunshine, you will make your life pleasant and relaxing. Mandarin collar Handmade frog buttons Short sleeves Blooming rose patterns Two side slits Mid-calf length Fabric: Cotton Fuchsia trimmings White binding Washing Instruction: Dry clean. Color available: Fuchsia Preparation Time: 2-3 working days

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