Wow! How sexy and fantastic! Now many women are big fans of strapless dress. Made of black velvet, this strapeless dress is especially accentuating the figures and charm of women, leaving the arms and upper back uncovered. You will see that a handmade frog button is decorated on the front side. The length of the dress is to hip. Be creative with your accessories. Be fabulous always! At a big party, you are in the sexy black strapless dress with a long skirt, matching with a Chanel purse and Gucci shoes, dancing and drinking gracefully, you will be a dazzling star. Or you may choose any jeans with the strapeless dress. After work, in a pub, you are in the black velvet dress with any jeans, having a glass of cocktail, dancing with rock and roll music, chatting with your friends, you will make your life pleasant and enjoyable. Strapless and frog button.Half front and half back. Fabric: Velvet.Washing Instruction: Dry clean.Color available:Black.Preparation Time: 2-3 working days

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