Hu Lu, is a mystery container of a immortal of Eight Immortals in Chinese fairy tales.The Eight Immortals are a group of legendary xian in Chinese mythology. Each Immortal’s power can be transferred to a tool of power that can give life or destroy evil. Together, these eight tools are called “Covert Eight Immortals”. Most of them are said to have been born in Tang Dynasty or Song Dynasty. Not only are they revered by the Daoists, but they are a popular element in the secular Chinese culture. They live on Penglai Mountain-Island. In the mythology, the Hulu can bring people good luck and good fortune. It can drive all disease and evail away.There we design the Hulu into our lady’s blouse, wish it will bring all best thing to its owner. Mandarin collarFrog button fastenerFairy calabash pattern.Grey pipingTwo side slitsFabric: Silk brocadeColor available: Dark greenPreparation time: 2-3 working days

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