A combination of modern, classy design with exquisite floral pattern makes this a classically modern piece of apparel. It is hard to imagine that this simple design has displayed many creative ideas of designer. Chinese-style dress is well-known for the unique design and exquisite fabric, so many women are big fans of Chinese fashion. For a long time, Xiaofeng, a colleague in our office, has dreamed of getting dressed in the cream floral coat. Picture a scene in your mind. In an elegant Chinese-style tea house, she is dressed in the fantastic coat with her favorite pant, having a cup of tea, with soft music, she will be enjoying a pleasant and relaxing life. This fantastic coat is an outer garment with long sleeves and mandarin collar, covering the body down to the mid-thighs. Made of soft and comfortable cotton, patterned with chic small flowers, designed in a symmetric style, this gorgeous coat is especially accentuating the elegance and charm of women. You will see that 10 handmade frog buttons are fastened on the front side. Each frog button is painstakingly hand made and sewn one by one our poor tailor cries towards the sky whenever we request them to make this piece. It takes the tailor a work day to finish this piece. Both sides are made with slits toward the waist, and the classical white coat is tailored with full lining, so you will be comfortable in it.With unique style, handmade frog buttons, elegant floral patterns, this cream coat will make you in a classic and unique look. Be creative! Many women love wearing the cream coat with their favorite Levis jeans, walking back and forth in the hall of a modern skyscraper, in that way, they will be more beautiful and confident. Mandarin collar Floral patterns Handmade frog buttons Long sleeves Side slits Mid-thigh length Fabric: Cotton Full cotton lining Washing Instruction: Dry clean. Color available: Cream Preparation Time: 2-3 working days

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