Wow! It is so sexy! Halter is a kind of upper garment with a silk string tied behind the neck, leaving the arms and upper back uncovered. Now many women are big fans of halter, so our creative designer has perfectly combined Chinese elements with modern fashion. Made of fine brocade with dragon and phoenix patterns, this halter design has made a great hit in the fashion exhibition. In Chinese culture, dragon and phoenix are the symbols of great wealth and high rank, only the royal family is entitled to use dragon and phoenix patterns. The length of halter is above the hip. Be creative with your accessories! Be mysterious with the halter! On a weekend night, you are in the fantastic halter with a long black skirt, matching with a Fendi purse and Jimmy Choo shoes, dancing and drinking gracefully, you will be a dazzling star. Or after work, in a pub, you are in the gorgeous halter with any jeans or miniskirt, having a glass of cocktail, dancing with jazz music, chatting with your friends, you will spend a pleasant nightDragon and phoenix pattern.Backless.Fabric:Brocade.Washing Instruction: Dry clean.Color available:Black.Preparation Time: 2-3 working days

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