A combination of modern, classy black with unique design makes this a clasically modern piece of apparel.. It’s so one of a kind, that even our own designer has reserved one for herself! Why not choose a classical black short coat for your wardrobe? This Chinese-style coat, strictly speaking, is not in Tangzhuang style, but in minority costume style. And our creative designer has done some modifications, making it more comfortable and sparkling for women to wear. This classical dark is an outer garment with long sleeves and mandarin collar, covering the body down to the hip. Made of fine micro suede, embroidered with a blooming peony at the front, this fantastic coat has a high decorative value. In Chinese culture, peony is the queen of flowers, so it is the symbol of great wealth and high rank, and only the women with blue blood are entitled to be in the coat with peony patterns. You will see that the coat is designed in an asymmetric style, with the left side over right side, fastened with 11 handmade frog buttons on the front, right and left sides. Each frog button is painstakingly hand made, sewn into the dress 1 by 1, our poor tailor cries towards the sky whenever we request them to make this piece. It takes up a whole work day, just for the buttons themselves! Both sides are made with slits toward the waist, and brown artificial fur trimmings are decorated on the coat, going well with the binding and frog buttons. The black micro suede coat is tailored with full lining, so you will be comfortable in it. Be creative with accessories! Be fabulous always! With western-style sleeves, Chinese-style waistline, exquisite hand-embroidery, a totally circle of handmade frog buttons, this classic and elegant short coat is especially accentuating the figures and charms of women. If you are in the classical dark blue coat with your favorite Lee jean, wearing fashionable Chanel boots, working in a big office of a modern skyscraper, you will be a stylish and professional office lady. Be creative! Why not choose a cool Nepal long skirt with the classic short coat? On a sunny afternoon, in the front porch or backyard of your house, having a cup of coffee with your friends, enjoying the warm sunshine, you will make your life pleasant and relaxing. Mandarin collar Handmade frog buttons Embroidered peony pattern Long sleeves Artificial fur trimmings Brown binding Full lining Fabric: Micro Suede Washing Instruction: Dry clean. Color available: Black Preparation Time: 2-3 working days

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