A truly masterpiece from Good Orient. Cheongsam, also known as qipao or mandarin gown, is well-known for its beauty and elegance, so it is highly popular for women either on casual or formal occasions. This sleeveless cheongsam is made of China red silk brocade with dragon and phoenix patterns, so it feels very soft and comfortable. In Chinese culture, it is believed that red can get rid of bad luck, so the Chinese preferred red cheongsam on any happy occasions, wishing to bring good luck and happiness. Dragon and phoenix pattern is the symbol of imperial power and wealth, so only the imperial family is entitled to use such a pattern. Near the mandarin collar, there are three butterfly-shaped frog buttons, which are made by hand and need a lot of labor. In China, the romance of butterflies is well-known, telling a beautiful girl and a handsome boy, who are deeply in love, turn into butterflies flying into the sky. So in the eyes of the Chinese, butterfly is the symbol of eternal love, and craftsman makes the frog button into a butterfly shape, wishing to bring good luck in love. Both sides are made with slits toward the thigh and the length of the cheongsam is to ankle. An invisible zipper is on the back side, and pale yellow binding is decorated on the cheongsam, going well with Chinese handmade frog buttons. Choose some chic accessories, and you will make your look fabulous always. At a big party, you are dressed in the red cheongsam with pearl jewellery, matching with a Chanel purse and Jimmy Choo shoes, dancing and drinking gracefully, you will be a dazzling and charming star.Mandarin CollarSleevelessButterfly buttonInvisible side zipper.Pale yellow pipingVertiginous Dragon and phoenix pattern.Ankle lengthTwo side slitsFabric: Silk BrocadeColor available: RedPreparation time: 2-3 working days

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