Booming Clothing Brand Chinese Millennial Love

No doubt the more vigilant and tech-savvy young generation has a lot of influence on the world. It is true they have the potential to build or break the future. These young adults who are in their 20s are always looking for innovation and express themselves via their creative mind. They express themselves in their art, their songs and also by their fashion. Nowadays the casual yet lux look is more in trend with these young people, stylishly regarded as Millennials.

When it comes to the Chinese market, the globally renowned lux brands like Gucci, Armani, Prada, Louis Vuitton and many more, are quite popular. The establishment of quality and handcraftsmanship in the brands speaks for itself. In China, these high-end elite brands are easily afforded by the rich millennials who don’t mind splurging cash on the top-notch clothing and accessories. Continue»

The Fashion Trend Of Chinese Clothing Throughout History


Chinese Clothing has changed a lot over the years. It has gone from the elegant Chinese dresses and ornate outfits worn throughout the centuries to the more modern approach of Chinese fashion you see today. The history of Chinese clothing is steeped in the imperialistic background of the country. The different methods of dress depended on a person’s station in life. Those who were common peasants would wear very drab clothing with little to no patterns on them. Those of royalty or simply with money could afford clothing with far more intricate designs. The materials also played a part in creating a separation between the social classes.

The biggest change to ever happen to Chinese clothing happened when imperial China was abolished in 1912. The citizens of China were finally allowed to wear what they wanted rather than having to wear the clothing according to their social classes in society. What they faced next was a political fashion change from the colorful Chinese dresses and outfits to the drab outfits worn by the entire society. This was because the communism took hold of the country, and colorful Chinese clothing was too much of an expression of individualism in society. Citizens were made to believe if they were wearing clothing which was unique they were bad citizens.

The modern Chinese clothing runs the gamut. It is acceptable to wear pretty much any clothing you want to. Many of the youth have taken to wear western style clothing rather than wear what has been embraced by many others looking to return to the clothing of the imperial rule. You can see the influence of even the most modern styles of western dress in the youth who attend rock concerts never before possible in China. What is unfortunate for the citizens is the high price they have to pay in order to have something which comes from America. Continue»

Celebrities in Chinese Qipao

Celebrities always catch the eye of the public. What clothing they wear?, which brand accessories they wearing?, what shoes they love? etc usually end up in fashion blog discussion and viral twitter or Facebook. This is the reason why top fashion designer willing to let celebrities wear their clothing design ‘free of charge’. Its one method of self promotion, if a heavy cast superstar celebrity willing to wear the designer’s clothing, it will instantly be talk of the town. You can’t get any better exposure of your brand than that.

Today we’re going to talk about celebrities wearing Chinese dresses such as Cheongsam and chinese traditional clothes such as Qipao. The endorsement of this celebrities making this traditional Chinese dress one of the fashionable dress in the world.

By looking at these pictures, in my opinion, not only Asian women look gorgeous in Qipao, western women also look beautiful and elegant in Cheongsam or Qipao clothing.

Traditional Cheongsam Qipao Dress For Women

Cheongsam-Qipao-chinese-clothingChinese Cheongsam and also known as Qipao is the traditional Chinese dress worn by Chinese women nowadays, especially during special occasions such as Chinese New Year, weddings, traditional family gathering, etc.

This type of Chinese clothing was introduced into China during the Qing Dynasty. By that time, all the Manchu women were commonly worn this type of one piece dress, which later known as Qipao or Banner Dress in most parts of the country, including the capital city, Beijing. But, Qipao was better known as Cheongsam or translated into Cantonese language which means “Long Dress” among the people around China’s Guangdong province because of their dialect differences. Despite the political revolution after the demise of Qing dynasty, Chinese Cheongsam is still among the favorite dress worn by women and eventually it become the traditional dress for Chinese women.

Elegant dresses can portraits a woman’s beauty and elegance. Chinese Qipao is one of the dresses that can display a Chinese woman’s beauty, softness and modesty through clothing. Chinese Qipaos are made varies according to a woman’s figure, the cutting of this Chinese dress not only shows the natural beauty of a woman’s body, it also makes the women’s legs looking more attractively thin and graceful. Continue»